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ess by Monica Traviesa is born to fascinate you. The SPA becomes an art gallery with a transgressive vision and touches of haute couture. A catwalk of Artistic Wellness that invites you to play from creativity, a dance of emotions designed to caress the most subtle senses. An intangible, non-verbal concept, it is best that you come and tell us your experience. Love and respect are my values, we take care of you, we take care of the planet.

*All treatments include 1 hour in our water area.


"Much more than a SPA".

We were looking for an experience that went a step beyond the typical crowded SPA and we got it. From the first moment the attention is exquisite and they really make you feel good. They sincerely make you disconnect body and mind. We will definitely repeat.
Álvaro C
Cliente Barcelona


Relaxing massage to travel to the fifth coconut

Designed to achieve a state that recreates the present moment, encourages positive thinking in full awareness and rid the body of stress.



Massage to sweeten your life

Cotton candy notes on a mezzoforte pressure pentagram take you on a meditative journey through the tracing of structured patterns of beautiful imagery.



WOW Well-being Massage

Let yourself be carried away by the explosion of energy flowing freely through your body.

Calms the mind, relieves headaches or migrai- nes, insomnia and improves flexibility. Ideal for stressful conditions.



Massage no pain, no pain

Firm and effective pressure, ideal for dissipating physical pain. Herbal textures soothe your muscle fatigue, providing greater flexibility and joint movement.



Pleasant organic and vegan exfoliation that will give your skin all the moisture it has lost, removes dead skin cells and leaves it soft and beautiful.



White clay wrap with chromatic molecular vibration. Calms the nervous system, treats insomnia, eliminates toxins, reduces inflammation and balances emotions.



Luxurious cleansing ritual with organic and vegan products that helps the skin to get rid of all its impurities, erase pollution damage and regain a radiant, glowing appearance. It uses carefully designed techniques, ultrasonic spatula extraction and tonic mist.



Corrects and blurs expression lines, visibly filling them from the inside with an instant lifting effect, providing volume and elasticity to the skin. The perfect treatment to awaken youth.



1h SPA+Massage essfulness to choose between 25/50/80 minutes. Then we invite you to feel the present and draw it with your eyes covered on a blank
canvas, revealing the senses with your favourite songs, essential oils and textures of Nature. Creativity stimulates the ability to transform, surprise is part of the experience by uncovering the eyes.

165MIN/210€ (p/p)


Creatividad emocional

1h SPA+Essdangle massage to choose between 25/50/80 minutes to flow in a wonderful meditation, then you will mould organic clay on a potter’s wheel. Treat yourself to a fantastic moment of connection with Nature with sensitivity, respect and love.
And at the same time expand your imaginary repertoire on the subject beyond the sensual scene of Ghost.

165MIN/210€ (p/p)


The metamorphosis of authenticity

11h SPA + Essvolution Massage to choose between 25/50/80 minutes to allow the energy to flow freely through the body. Your reflection in the mirror will be transformed with fluorine brushstrokes into an introspective state. There are no barriers, you will be what you long to BE. The projection of our fluorine Avatar encourages the release of thought.

165MIN/210€ (p/p)


Love is in the air

(Shared Spa)

Romantic experience for two, one hour SPA, organic infusion/cava/wine, and essfulness massage of 25 or 50 minutes in a duo cabin.

110MIN/100€ (p/p)

Love is in the spa

(Exclusive Spa)

Romantic experience for two people, enjoy an hour of SPA for you alone with candles, champagne/wine, your favourite songs and a 50’essfulness massage in a duo cabin. What else? We love to personalize each session.

110MIN/170€ (p/p)


Well-being Walkway

1h SPA, 50 minutes essfulness massage
promoting positive thinking, then you can enjoy a cocktail in the Sky Bar of Axel Hotel Barcelona. It’s your moment, you are here and now… You feel sensational!




Original, chic and fun party concept with your friends. Exclusive SPA, 25 min massage, personalised music and cava/wine.

130€ (p/p)


Exclusive Spa

One hour of exclusive SPA, listening to your favourite songs and tasting a glass of cava, wine or organic infusion.

1H/70€ (Monday to Thursday)

1H/90€ (from Friday to Sunday and public holidays)

SPA 1H/25€ 

Gift Voucher

We combine different treatments to design a special gift.